Ninh Binh is located in the southernmost point of the Red River Delta, far from Ha Noi about 100 km to the south. This place has recently become a famous destination among travelers making trips to Northern and Vietnam. Ninh Binh attracts visitors not only the beautiful natural landscapes but also many national cultural relics. With the prime location in term of transport, terrain, history and culture, Ninh Binh retains a rich and diverse potential of tourism. It is considered as a miniature Vietnam.

Trang An Eco-tourism Complex

This is the most famous places to visit in Ninh Binh with wonderful scenery and mysterious caves. Trang An Eco-tourism Complex is made up of limestone ridges, caves and beautiful valleys. In addition, there are merged-river systems , many historical-cultural relics including temples, pagodas, …

++ Location: located in 8 communes of districts, namely Gia Vien (Gia Viễn), Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) and Ninh Binh city.

Bai Dinh (Bái Đính) Pagoda

This is the most famous pagoda of Ninh Binh attracting tourists all year round. The first impression when visiting this Pagoda , visitors will overwhelmed by the grandeur of this Buddhist work.Visitors are also immersed in holy contemplation of Bai Dinh ancient, along the magnificent and monumental buildings of the most massive Buddhist in Viet Nam…

++ Location: Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien (Gia Viễn) district. Ninh Binh province

Tam Coc (Tam Cốc) – Bich Dong (Bích Động)

Tam Coc – Bich Dong is a major tourist destination in Vietnam and a part of the Tràng An Scenic Landscape Complex UNESCO World Heritage site. It consists of two distinct attractions: Tam Cốc, a flooded cave karst system; and Bich Dong, a series of mountain pagodas. The magnificent beauty of Vietnam manifests itself in Tam Coc- Bich Dong in the form of sublime greenery, endearing waterways and enchanting limestone cliffs.

++ Location: Ninh Hải (Ninh Hải) commune, Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) district, Ninh Binh.

Mua Cave (Hang Múa)

Mua cave is one of must-see attractions that visitors should visit when doing trips to Ninh Binh. This place is also called “Great Wall of Vietnam”. Mua Mountain has shape like a bell looking very unique. Conquering the Mua Mountain is quite interesting by zig zag road with 486 odd stairs which are embellished with a sculpture of an authentic red dragon.

++ Location: the foot of Mieu mountain in Khe Ha (Khê Hạ) village, Ninh Xuan (Ninh Xuân) commune, Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) district, Ninh Binh.

Van Long (Vân Long) Nature Reserve

Van Long has a rich and unique ecosystem with many rare flora and fauna. This nature reserve not only has magnificent landscape with limestone mountains, caves are surrounded by vast flat swamps but also various animal and plant species which makes Van Long an ideal destination to explore Vietnam ecosystem.

++ Location: Gia Van (Gia Vân), Gia Viên (Gia Viễn) district, Ninh Binh.

 Thung Nham Bird Garden

Thung Nham Park is located in the valley which belong to the complex of Trang An . It is home of thousands of beautiful and rare birds. Visitors can both see the bird garden and remarkable surroundings in Thung Nham. Otherwise, traveling by boat will allow visitors to view the bird up-close.

++ Location: Hai Nham (Hải Nham) village, Ninh Hai (Ninh Hải) commune, Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) district, about 12 km from Ninh Binh city to the east.

Cuc Phuong (Cúc Phương) National Park

Cuc Phuong is the first Vietnam National Park with diverse ecosystem. Cuc Phuong National Park is a large nature picture with some trees dated back to more than a thousand years ago. Coming to Cuc Phuong National Park, visitors will admire the ancient trees, rare animals, many charming waterfalls, streams… and explore the rich flora.

++ Location: Nho Quan district, far Ninh Binh City about 45 km to the northwest.

Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) Ancient Capital

This is an architectural complex of pagodas, lamas, communal houses, tombs, … Each architecture has own a unique beauty, all show the ancient and heroic beauty of ancient history. There are a lot of pagodas in this region, which based on the ancient pagoda style in the past. Some pagodas were built inside, outside the limestone mountains and many other architectural works have high historical and cultural value.

++ Location: Truong Yen (Trường Yên) commune, Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) district, Ninh Binh.

Phat Diem (Phát Diệm) Cathedral

Phat Diem Cathedral is the common name for the most beautiful church area in Vietnam. When visiting this destination, you will quickly notice a church with the Vietnamese pagoda roof. This is a complex of structures were built by wood and stone. Although it was the Catholic Church but reproduced by the architecture of traditional temples and pagodas in Vietnam.

++ Location: Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. It is far about 28km from Ninh Binh city to Southeast.

Am Tien (Am Tiên) Cave

Am Tien Cave is surrounded by majestic mountains, the geographical position is quite rugged. From above, visitors will see the vast expanse of the majestic landscape, Am Tien Pagoda with high mountains and spacious fresh lake. With unspoiled natural scenery and unique terrain, Am Tien Cave is a separate world which is hidden in colorful history.

++ Location: Yen Thanh (Yên Thanh) village, Truong Yen (Trường Yên) commune, Hoa Lu (Hoa Lư) district, Ninh Binh

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